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Mighty Men Patch

Mighty Men Patch


As I worked on this series of biblically inspired paintings I’ve been doing research on King David and his mighty men, according to oral tradition, David inscribed the words of Psalm 67 onto his shield in the shape of the Menorah. The Psalm is comprised of 7 verses,  each line of the psalm is represented as a different branch of the lampstand. I thought about how it was a sort of ancient moral patch and figured I'd make something of it. I made these patches as a contemporary version of that age-old shield, uniting faith and courage in a tangible emblem. Just as the Menorah radiated light in the sacred Temple, we are called to be living temples, illuminating the world with the light of Christ. Each branch evokes the lines of Psalm 67, which resonate with the melody of divine favor and blessings. This emblem is more than a patch; it's a reminder of our divine mission.


    This 3.5x2 inch (hook&loop) IR patch is crafted from high-quality materials, It is built to last with its laser-cut design and sturdy construction. It's perfect for attaching to your tactical gear or clothing. Whether you're a history buff or a Christ follower, this Mighty Men patch is a must-have addition to your collection.

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